Guzman’s 2N’s Ranch has a full service equine reproductive facility offering expert assistance to horse owners, and especially those in south central Texas. It's commitment to excellence, proficiency, and reliability characterize every facet of the operation. The Ranch being conveniently located, near Brenham, Texas, provides a healthy attractive environment with close proximity to Houston and Austin. The warmer climate combined with a rigid lighting program means earlier breeding opportunities. The ranch is only 20 minutes from College Station airport enabling efficient shipment services for semen and embryo. The close proximity of Texas A & M veterinary facilities allows for quick reaction to any severe emergency situation.


Guzman’s 2N’s Ranch stables are spacious concrete stalls with high ceilings affording maximum ventilation for our Texas summers. The pasture fencing is highly visible for additional safety. Our pastures also have individual feeding areas for mares with foals. Nutrition is closely monitored and if necessary third feedings are incorporated to encourage weight gain in mares that are deficient.

Guzman's 2N's Ranch

10205 Old Independence Road

Brenham, Texas 77833

979-277-0430   Fax 979-277-0432


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